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Our Managed Underwriting team is responsible for delegating binding authorities on behalf of Great Lakes, exclusively through wholesale brokers and managing general agents.

On behalf of Great Lakes we can provide our customers with US surplus lines binding authorities. We have particular expertise in short-tail lines, but can also offer liability. We look to build long-term partnerships that will weather the market cycles and produce a profit for both our customers and markets.

We manage the entire delegated underwriting process from determining the risks that can be underwritten, through operational requirements, to claims handling and general reporting. Our goal is to fulfil customers’ needs and find solutions, while also achieving required underwriting results. In addition to our London headquarters, our Bell & Clements Inc. offices in the USA allow us to provide our customers support from both sides of the Atlantic.

As well as managing Great Lakes capacity, we work closely with our Broking team and have developed the ability for Great Lakes to partner with other markets in order to expand the binding authority capabilities provided.

Our service is aimed at wholesale brokers and managing general agents who are experienced in their field.  Our operating model affords them considerable flexibility to manage the business they write on our markets behalf and make their own underwriting decisions within an overall framework. Trust is integral to binding authorities and we trust our customers to underwrite prudently.

We are able to provide forward-thinking solutions and services, whilst retaining a personable, hands-on approach that delivers the customized product and service our customers require.

Our underwriters are highly knowledgeable and take a considered and flexible view when assessing business proposals. Speed of service and a commercial approach are key drivers for our team.

The Bell & Clements Managed Underwriting team has particular binding authority expertise in the following areas:

Customers are provided with flexibility of rate and terms and access to natural catastrophe capacity. Largely non-prescriptive on classes or risk attributes. Primary and excess considered in addition to full value business.

We focus on homeowners and dwelling business, but also consider mobile homes. Customers are provided with flexibility of rate and terms and access to natural catastrophe capacity. We are largely non-prescriptive on risk attributes and can offer high per risk capacity.

Full DIC and standalone coverage considered, with an emphasis on earthquake and flood. We can provide flexible or guided rating and high per risk limit. Natural catastrophe capacity is available in high hazard territories. Primary and excess is considered in addition to full value business.

We can provide lender-placed insurance solutions for force placed business including fire/hazard, flood, wind, and REO.

Auto physical damage, dealers’ open lot, garage keepers’ legal liability, motor truck cargo and other inland marine risks are considered.


Binding Authorities - Great Lakes

B&C Binding Authorities - Great Lakes Brochure

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Key Contacts

Mike Kyriacou

Chief Underwriting Officer - Statutory and Executive Board

Managed Underwriting, Corporate


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Kate Ash

Associate Director of Underwriting

Managed Underwriting


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Mark Godfrey

Senior Binding Authority Executive

Managed Underwriting


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Lia Broad

Underwriter, Managed Underwriting

Managed Underwriting


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Dave Toombs

President and CEO, Bell & Clements Inc.

Managed Underwriting


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Jessica Wehrum

Underwriting Manager, Bell & Clements Inc.

Managed Underwriting


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Thommy Hassel

Underwriter, Managed Underwriting

Managed Underwriting


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