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Bell & Clements view technology as an enabler, not just for us but for our business partners. We value the benefits it brings to our customers and the future of our business. We are proud pioneers in our field and considered by many to be market leaders. Our technology goes far beyond providing standard reports, to the provision of sophisticated analytics and modelled data. We continuously look to build on our innovations.

In 2002, we developed a standard bordereau template to replace unusable PDFs, complex spreadsheets and the generally inconsistent methods of data capture then in use. In tandem, we developed the first London market system capable of capturing and validating bordereaux data.

Our innovation continues and, in 2009, we released a web based data management portal, The Bridge. We launched this unique platform to provide a level of data analysis to customers submitting standard bordereaux that they could not obtain anywhere else.

The Bridge offers many things, including:

  • Form libraries
  • Underwriting guidelines
  • Underwriting analysis and reports
  • Claims reports
  • Real-time XML bordereaux processing

We continue to work closely with our customers to assist them in streamlining their processes and systems, which is evidence of our partnership ethos. We have also worked with system vendors to enable our customers to seamlessly transfer data to us at the same time as they bind risks. This has eliminated the duplicate data entry so often evident in the binding authority arena. We are now considered market leaders in the war on keystrokes.

We have automated data capture in real time for both premiums and claims, validating the data back to our customers within seconds of receipt.

At Bell & Clements, technology is considered to be an essential business investment.



B&C Technology Brochure

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Key Contacts

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Chief Operating Officer - Executive Board



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Policy Applications Administrator, Bell & Clements Inc.


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IT Manager, Information Technology


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Manager of Software Engineering, Bell & Clements Inc.



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