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Underpinning our cross-departmental working ethos, the Risk Management and Compliance Services (RMCS) team has a broad overview of all aspects of Bell & Clements' business.

We deal with the oversight of annual compliance, audits and due diligence in respect of new customers, as required by our industry regulators.

The team reviews customer audits and assesses any issues raised to work with all parties to find resolutions.

We undertake regular reviews of the status of necessary licenses held by customers to ensure they remain valid. We also take responsibility for updating Lloyd’s records.

The team takes a proactive approach to aiding and assisting customers. In the changeable regulatory environment we provide updates and assistance on new and amended requirements.

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

FATCA is a US law aimed at preventing tax evasion by US citizens, residents and corporations through the use of offshore accounts operated via Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIs) and other financial intermediaries.

The regulations apply a withholding tax on all insurance and reinsurance premiums paid to non-FATCA compliant insurers and intermediaries, with respect to any transactions covering a US sourced risk.

We are pleased to provide a withholding statement and related FATCA compliance documentation covering most of the business placed by Bell & Clements with either Underwriters at Lloyd's or Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE (Great Lakes).

Instructions on how you can identify such business are given on the withholding statement. Certain business placed with Lloyd's and Great Lakes as well as business placed with other insurers is not covered by this withholding statement and in this case we will contact the payees affected directly and provide a customized withholding statement. You can access our FATCA forms via our customer portal, The Bridge. If you have any queries regarding our FATCA compliance, please contact us.


Regulatory Tax Disclosure

Please see our Downloads page for our UK Tax Strategy.

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