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We understand that the value of insurance cover is put to the test when a claim occurs. We take pride in our experienced and professional handling of claims via our own UK and North American operations. We ensure that claims are handled fairly and efficiently.

We have claims teams in the UK and North America, both of whom have a wealth of technical expertise and an in-depth knowledge of claims handling, negotiation and settlement.

The North American team provides our customers with more immediate access to local specialists. This allows us to offer proactive advice and guidance in a timely manner.

The Bell & Clements team in London has vast experience in the management and handling of claims, including assistance with Catastrophe plans, adjusting services and negotiations. We have a mix of experts in adjusting, broking, and claims-processing through Lloyd’s and company markets. This diversity and experience enables the high quality service to which we are committed.

We provide:

  • 24-hour acknowledgement and handling of notifications
  • Proactive monitoring of claims
  • Prompt collection and settlement of claims

We have invested heavily in systems that allow us to efficiently track claims and ensure customers obtain the superior service they expect from us.  They have been designed to integrate seamlessly with the Lloyd’s/London Market CLASS system. This investment continues.

We have excellent relationships with adjusters, lawyers, surveyors and third party administrators both in London and North America. We are able to deploy the right expertise at the right time.

Our goal is to provide superior, effective and efficient solutions for our customers’ requirements.



B&C Claims Brochure

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Key Contacts

Luke Wheeler

Chief Claims Officer - Executive Board

Claims, Corporate


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Brenda Badders

Claims Manager, E&S Claims



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Samantha Eatwell

Claims Underwriting Manager



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