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Sep. 2022

The dynamics of the Transportation team at Bell & Clements have changed during the first half of this year.  While that can present some challenges, it has also brought significant opportunities.  Our growing team now benefits from new insights, fresh energy and a renewed focus to a sector that truly has a global perspective!

We have seen two new joiners on the underwriting side and two administrators in underwriting support. We’ve also been able to promote four people internally and see another drafted in from another team.  

Our underwriting hires have included Katie Stocker and Jake Ferris, who have brought a combined total of 30 years of experience to the division. They both have extensive strength and understanding of the UK motor trucking experience. That’s helped them to seamlessly transition into US transportation.

We also recognised the importance of bringing new talent into the business.  So, we were pleased to welcome two new underwriting administrators: Cameron Gleinster is a Business Management graduate;  and Jack Fry is a school leaver. As well as bringing in new people, we’ve also rewarded our existing team for their continued efforts.  In April, we internally promoted Mark Watson to the position of Underwriter. Mark has been in the industry for nearly six years, four of them with Bell & Clements.  Ethan Long is now an Assistant Underwriter. Frank Smalley has also advanced to an Underwriting Assistant.

Rob Wiggins career journey is worthy of particularly mention.  He joined Bell & Clements in the early stages of the pandemic.  He went for months without meeting any other members of the team in person!  But because of his commitment and dedication, he too has now been promoted to Assistant Underwriter. 

Paula Worrell, has transferred into Transportation having previously been a member of the Technical team for four and a half years.
These new arrivals join our existing team members in Transportation:  Colin Bird is a Senior Underwriter and recognised for his many years of Motor Truck Cargo (MTC) underwriting experience;  Julie Whitehead is a long-standing Bell & Clements employee who not only underwrites, but also acts as our PolicyFly guru, developing our PolicyFly APD/MTC combination offering;  Marie Georgiou wears two hats, one as an Assistant Underwriter, the second as the Team Supervisor of the assistants and administrators; Tracey Gilligan, an Assistant Underwriter manages and underwrites the bulk of our renewals. Lastly and certainly not least, we have two very experienced Underwriting Assistants in Cameron Williams & Ruth Osborne.

I would like to express my appreciation for this fantastic team of people who have sustained a tremendous amount of pressure, really since the pandemic, and have only very recently been able to surface for air now that we are adequately resourced!

Finally I’m pleased to say that we will be represented at the Annual Motor Carriers Insurance Education Foundation Conference (MCIEF) in Orlando on October 5, 6 & 7.  This major event is the chance for more than 500 US and UK insurance transportation representatives to gather for education and networking. At Bell & Clements, we believe this is an excellent opportunity to meet a great number of our agents and learn what is topical in the transportation industry - see you there!

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